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Government funding advisory services


FAB focusing on assisting Hong Kong SMEs and institutions, and providing clients with one-stop professional consulting services for government funding applications. As the brand name says, customers can get the Fund in time and easily (Easy) Timely consulting services cover various government funding programs, including TVP Technology Voucher Program, BUD Special Fund Application, SME Marketing Fund EMF, etc. Provide one-stop fund support and consulting services on time, including pre-application consultation, assistance in preparing application documents, drawing up project plans, managing project progress, and providing consultation on acceptance criteria, etc. With a team of professional consultants and a strong network of service providers in accordance with the time, not only can it assist customers in successfully applying for government funding, but more importantly, they can use them properly to enhance their competitiveness and grasp various business opportunities.

Experienced and Professional with Three Key Advantages, Your Best Choice

Professional Team with Rich Experience

Professional Team with Rich Experience

Our team is comprised of professional consultants who possess years of experience in government funding program applications. we have established ourselves as experts in this field. We firmly believe that our expertise and experience enable us to provide efficient and successful application services to our clients.

One-Stop Comprehensive Service

One-Stop Comprehensive Service

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire application process, from pre-application consultation to assisting with document preparation, drafting project proposals, managing project timelines, and providing advice on acceptance criteria. This means that clients can access all the necessary support in one place, making the application process more convenient and seamless.

Customer-Centric Service Approach

Customer-Centric Service Approach

We adopt a customer-centric approach, dedicated to providing our clients with solutions that best fit their specific needs. We closely understand our clients' business requirements, allowing us to customize the optimal funding application strategies for them. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can fully leverage the opportunities presented by government funding.

Guarantee 100% success
Otherwise the original silver will be returned

There is a comprehensive IT consultant team, professional project managers and complete after-sales service follow-up services in accordance with the hour, so that each application case can be approved in the shortest time, and a 100% success rate, and all application materials Absolutely confidential.

We provide one-stop service to assist companies registered in Hong Kong to understand the operation of various government-funded funds, provide free preliminary consultation, evaluate the possibility of successful corporate applications, plan and write application forms, project management and financial management, etc. The professional team will follow up with customers in the whole process to obtain funding and promote business development.


3 most popular recommended government funds


Technology Voucher Program

The Technology Voucher Program launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission aims to enhance the technology application of Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate business development, improve corporate productivity, and reduce daily operating costs, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Mainland China

BUD Special Fund

To assist Hong Kong businesses in market promotion and brand building in Mainland China, the Hong Kong Productivity Council has established an enhanced version of the BUD Special Fund Mainland Program. The funding amount for each project has been increased from HKD 500,000 to HKD 1 million, and in the 2023 Policy Address, it has been further increased to HKD 7 million.

Hong Kong

Digital Transformation Support

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has been actively promoting digitalization across various industries to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition to existing initiatives like the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) and BUD Fund, Cyberport is launching the latest "Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program" (DTSPP) in December. It aims to provide digital transformation subsidies specifically targeting the food and beverage as well as retail sectors.

Senior Sales Consultant

Job Responsibilities of a Sales Consultant:

  1. Assist clients in understanding the application process and requirements for technology vouchers.

  2. Analyze clients' business needs and operational situation to provide suitable technology voucher solutions.

  3. Offer choices and introductions to technology suppliers, assisting clients in selecting the appropriate vendors.

  4. Assist clients in writing application forms and documents, ensuring the completeness and compliance of the files.

  5. Liaise with relevant government departments, follow up on application progress, and ensure a smooth application process.

  6. Provide follow-up services, including assisting clients in tracking application results and resolving related issues.

Our Professional Consultant Team-

Senior Sales Consultant

IT Project Consultant

Job Responsibilities of a IT Project Consultant:

  1. Communicate with clients to understand their technology needs and goals, providing professional technical and business advice.

  2. Responsible for writing and submitting technology voucher application forms, ensuring a smooth application process.

  3. Coordinate with relevant government departments and technology suppliers to ensure project progress and implementation plans comply with relevant policies and regulations.

  4. Communicate with stakeholders, gather and analyze market research and competitive intelligence to determine the best solutions.

  5. Conduct testing, evaluation, and implementation of technology solutions, providing training and support to ensure clients can effectively utilize the technology solutions.

  6. Continuously follow up on client needs, providing technical support and solutions, and offering suggestions for improvements and upgrades.

Our Professional Consultant Team-

IT Project Consultant

Funding Project Manager

Job Responsibilities of a Funding Project Manager:

  1. Project Schedule Management: Oversee project progress, ensure timely completion, and regularly update progress reports.

  2. Meeting Organization: Organize and participate in project-related meetings, ensuring team members and stakeholders have a clear understanding of project progress and objectives.

  3. Team Management: Lead and manage team members, ensuring they understand their tasks and goals and have clear work plans.

  4. Stakeholder Relationship Management: Establish good relationships with relevant stakeholders and promptly respond to their needs and concerns.

  5. Report Writing: Prepare and submit progress reports, fund utilization reports, and other relevant documents, and provide timely updates to government and stakeholders on project-related information.

Our Professional Consultant Team-

Funding Project Manager

Funding Administrative Assistant

Job Responsibilities of a Funding Administrative Assistant:

  1. Assist in processing the application procedures and documents for technology vouchers/BUD, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the documents.

  2. Handle inquiries and communications from applicants, providing information and guidance related to technology vouchers/BUD.

  3. Follow up on application progress and approval status, ensuring timely updates are provided to applicants.

  4. Assist in arranging approval meetings, preparing meeting records and related documents, and handling data and documents provided by applicants.

  5. Support the management of technology voucher/BUD projects, such as ensuring project execution aligns with plans and budgets, and maintaining and updating project documents.

  6. Assist in preparing and submitting project progress reports and final reports.

  7. Handle payments and auditing matters related to technology vouchers/BUD.

  8. Manage other administrative tasks related to technology vouchers/BUD.

Our Professional Consultant Team-

Funding Administrative Assistant

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