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Digital Transformation Support

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In recent years, the Hong Kong government has been actively promoting digitalization across various industries to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition to existing initiatives like the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) and BUD Fund, Cyberport is launching the latest "Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program" (DTSPP) in December. It aims to provide digital transformation subsidies specifically targeting the food and beverage as well as retail sectors.

The DTSPP is part of the government's 2023-2024 fiscal budget, with a total allocation of 500 million HKD. It is expected to benefit around 8,000 SMEs, assisting them in their digital transformation efforts, including the establishment of in-store POS systems, online promotion, and customer management systems, in order to enhance their business efficiency and competitiveness.

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Digital Transformation Support

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1. The software file of the application form (MS word format, Chinese or English version)

2. One original copy of the application form signed by the authorized person of the applicant company and stamped by the company

3. Other supporting documents:

- A copy of the business registration certificate of the applying enterprise

- A copy of the supporting documents of the major shareholders of the applying company (eg: Annual Return Form AR1 issued by the Companies Registry)

- A copy of the documents proving that the applicant company has substantive business operations in Hong Kong

- A copy of the document certifying that the applicant enterprise has a direct investment relationship with the mainland business unit

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Plan A Or Plan B

Electronic Payment Systems:

  • Implementation of at least one electronic payment system with transaction fees lower than the market rate.

  • Promotion of electronic payment and automated sales, such as self-service ordering systems and vending machines.

  1. Online Promotion:

    • Development of a company website and social media pages to improve search engine visibility and social media presence.

  2. Customer Management and Loyalty Programs:

    • Establishment of online membership systems and virtual coupon systems to enhance customer interaction.

    • Centralized storage of customer data and provision of reporting features for sales activity management.

Application Form

The government will provide funding support for digital transformation initiatives in a matching ratio of 1:1. After the business contributes HKD 50,000, the government will provide an equal amount of funding, with a maximum total project cost of HKD 100,000.

Funding Ratio

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  1. The business must belong to either the retail or food and beverage industry.

  2. The business must be registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance and have substantive business operations in the local market.

  3. The applying entity should not be a listed company, statutory body, or non-governmental organization receiving government funding.

  4. The number of full-time employees in the business should not exceed 50.

These criteria ensure that the program targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the retail and food and beverage sectors for digital transformation support.

eligibility in the retail and food and beverage industries

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